August 14, 2022

How much does a pool cost?

Indeed, you want to have a pool in your backyard at some point in your life. Having a pool is a dream shared by many people, an area where you can relax a few meters from your home. But what aspects should be taken into account for such construction? Here we explain.

Regardless of its size, depth, and what materials will be used in the construction, making a swimming pool is an expensive task requiring a specific time limit. It is very different from asking a company to build your pool in the backyard of your home to start the process of making it on your initiative. It is best to hire specialized help in this type of construction.

How much does a pool cost

Statistically, the cost of a pool, according to Google sources, where you will see countless companies in charge of this work, ranges between 40,000 or 100,000 thousand dollars. That cost will be defined depending on the size, materials to be used, depth, digging area, among others.

Similarly, there are alternatives to reduce this expense, using materials that are a bit more natural, resistant, and with fewer installation costs than conventional ones. Such an action could reduce up to 20% of its original price, so it will be increasingly possible to have your pool in the backyard that you have dreamed so much.

• Fundamental elements for a pool

There are fundamental or essential elements for constructing a pool, but after including these elements that may reduce its cost, here are some tips or recommendations.

Many people place a kind of fence that makes the pool independent of our home’s common area. Such a fence is sometimes costly, so getting informed and perhaps eliminating this element could save us 10% in construction for our pool in the backyard.

Other elements that may be necessary, but not essential that brings the company to which you contract is the service of lights inside the pool; this is again optional, although experts recommended installing it for your enjoyment at night if you wish. The light in the pool is an essential element that you don’t want in a dark pool.

One option is to eliminate the “heaters” of swimming pools. This is something that is not mandatory to own unless you want it or live in a dense and cold area that requires it, but if it is not necessary to remove such accessory can reduce 5% of its original cost, so you would be saving a little more for your dream of having a pool in your backyard.

An accessory may be necessary or may not be alarmed for the pool; these alarms usually go on the installed fence previously explained in the article. Warnings are optional; everything depends on the client and how protected you want to have your patio, pool, or home. Not buying this product can reduce the cost of your pool by up to 10%.

Now, knowing this is a matter of informing yourself and knowing what additional objects you want to incorporate or not into your patio and later pool, each one will increase or decrease your budget from 5 to 20%, respectively. Please keep this in mind and talk to your contractor, who will be in charge of construction.

• Who will build my pool?

The construction of your pool involves many hands and various aesthetic and functional works. In general, you should go to a company that guarantees this service with the most excellent professionalism required. Regardless of their size, each pool entails a lot of work, so experts in the area must handle it.

If you are one of those renovators who wish to own a custom pool, you could also inform and hire a designer in charge of this area. The cost of this contract is additional, of course, but it will have a unique pool with the craziest ideas in terms of trees, slides, jacuzzi, textures, among others.

You should inform yourself and see the projects previously carried out by the company or contractor to hire and see if this type of service suits you or guarantees you all the things you want to include in your pool. You must have a clear idea of ​​what you wish to, that so large or deep, professionals will also recommend various tips to get your dream pool.

• How long does it take to build a pool?

Everything can vary depending on the company to which you contract. Still, it is estimated that the approximate time is four business months, of course, taking into account the various elements that you selected to include it in your pool, how deep or extensive the desire and the Design, in general, will define the approximate construction time.

It is also necessary to take into account how fast the workforce works, if they take weekends to advance such construction or work 3 or 4 times a week, all that varies from the contractor or company authorized and paid for the construction of your pool dreamed in the backyard with everything he asked to be included.

The most challenging task is to dig the hole, such action would take at least one month, depending on how deep you want. Usually, a pool does not exceed 2 meters deep, knowing this now you must take into account how long and wide you want your pool, a pool on average is 15 meters long by a mere 5 or 6 meters wide, but if you want it bigger or smaller that will increase or decrease the cost and construction time.

Natural factors that delay construction should be considered, depending on the area in which the rain, snow, or other genuine factor is located, could delay your pool construction.

The land to be built must be taken into account why it is so steep or soft if more machinery has to be put in it, or this task can be done by hand. The contractor will inform you about it and give you a stipulated time to complete the construction of your pool in the garden.

Knowing all this, how much does a pool cost? The cost varies depending on materials, how large or small you want your pool, and in what stipulated time He wants her.

But usually, its price is between 30,000 and 100,000 thousand dollars, as mentioned before its cost could decrease or increase depending on the additional labor and accessories, materials to be placed in the pool, its cost could be reduced by 20% remaining at a price of between 20,000 and 80,000 dollars or increase its construction cost above that mentioned.